Discover the magic of tango!

«Intangible Cultural Heritage», that’s how Unesco in 2009 entered the Argentine Tango in the Representative List of the Heritage of Humanity.

This space is dedicated to tango and to all who, with passion, begin to explore this world full of infinite shades.

Impossible elegance, as cold ice cream in a hot cappuccino. A delicate balance between the erotic abandon and rigor strict rules….. (“The master of tango”, Miguel Angel Garcia)

Tango is not male, is couple: fifty percent men and fifty percent women, although the woman does the most important step, the “ocho”, which is like the heart of the tango. No folk dance reaches the same level of communication between bodies: emotion, energy, breathing, hug, palpitation. A virtuous circle that allows improvisation (Miguel Angel Zotto)

….A green frontier between play and love….
…I’m here, I came to play, I came to dance, and secretly to love…
(“Alle prese con una verde milonga“, Paolo Conte)