Andrea Corvinelli

Midas teacher since 2015 and dancer since 2006, he trained with the Masters: Emmanuelle Ponthieux y Luca Giacomoni, Alberto Colombo y Mariela Samethband, Sebastian Arce y Mariana Montes, Sebastian Jimenez y Joana Gomes, Sergio Natario, Pablo Veron, Maria Ines Bogado, Diego Benavidez y Natasha Agudelo, Claudio Forte y Barbara Carpino, Miguel Angel Zotto y Daiana Guspero, Roberta Fersi, Alejandra Mantinan y Aoniken Quiroga, Carlos y Rosa Perez.
Researcher and passionate dancer, he explores the knowledge of the body and music studying various disciplines like Yoga, Mézieres, Wu-shu and Artistic Gymnastics, but also learning Contemporary dance, Floorwork or other couple dances such as Cuban Latin American dance and Boogie-Woogie.
The study of the didactic system led him to base his teaching on non-standard paradigms related on the study of fundamental elements of the movement technique in relation to tango and natural learning through contamination with E. Dalcróze’s Eurythmic, elaborated with a professional musician.
He continues studying and training every year in Europe and often in Buenos Aires.
Creator of dance projects, he organized tango events in Europe.
Despite having participated in choreography shows in Italy, he dedicates himself to the tango salon style through improvisation that contaminates with the evolutions of tango Escenario and Nuevo.


As teacher he collaborated with various schools in Bologna and Modena.
As performer he performed in companies or theaters in Bologna, Milan and Modena.
As organizer, by Tango Travel, he designed and coordinated tango holidays and festivals in Slovenia, Canary Islands, and Finland, while in Italy he organized dance evenings in Bologna and Modena also in collaboration with Fico Eataly World.
He created the project “Tango in Music” which brings together professionals related to tango such as musicians, actors, Yoga teachers, dancers and experts of tango culture and Argentine history, to spread this passion and create events of art, entertainment and culture.

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