Our shows are designed for those who like to be surprised.

All events, courses and projects have two things in common: the music and passion of Tango, a cultural phenomenon that embodies an entire culture. The appeal of tango is such that it is enjoyed throughout the world, with Italy making major contributions to its development and global success. The importance of tango was officially recognised in 2009, when UNESCO added it to its Intangible Cultural Heritage Lists.

Our mission is to involve audiences in events that celebrate tango and its history, transporting the spectator into a unique world – the magic world of tango.


Andrea Corvinelli

Midas teacher since 2015 and dancer since 2006, he trained with the Masters: Emmanuelle Ponthieux y Luca Giacomoni, Alberto Colombo...

Mariana Bularga

I started my formation as an Argentinian tango dancer in 2015 at the “Exclusive” dance school in Chisinau, Moldova. Quite...

Kairos Tango

Kairos Tango was founded in 2016 by three classical musicians, who are very interested about studying and performing argentine tango...

Claudio Ughetti

Collaborated with the singer Pierangelo Bertoli as accordionist, played on many Bertoli's tracks, concerts and appeared on many TV shows...

Ambra Curato

Ambra Curato was born in Marino (Rome) in 1981 but soon moved to Venice where she dedicated herself to classical,...

Sara Paoli

Sara Paoli inizia a ballare all'età di 5 anni con la danza classica e la ritmica. Terza classificata al campionato...

Isabella Dapinguente

Copywriter e attrice - da anni esercita l'uso della parola sulla carta e sul palcoscenico. 
Proveniente da studi umanistici e...

The history of tango

The program, made up of various shows, reveals to the spectator the unique and intriguing history of Tango and how the dance evolved and spread to every part of the world.

The different shows feature:

  • The evolution of tango music and the birth of the large tango orchestras that transformed dance styles from the end of the 19th century until the late 1960’s: from the simplest and most playful tangos, the fruit of a fusion of African, Spanish, Italian and indigenous genres, to more intense and elaborate compositions, finishing with the style marked by jazz and Brazilian rhythm influences.
  • The stories and events that have defined tango in music and in dance. A path full of milestones that not only tells the story of Argentinean culture, but also a human story of passion and music that became lifelong journeys.
  • The most famous pieces in the history of tango, and those most loved by audiences around the world, interpreted with the magic of words and dance; an intimate improvisation of feeling enclosed in an embrace.
  • The history of the Río de la Plata Basin of Argentina and Uruguay, which straddles Argentina and Uruguay; this area is the birthplace of some of the most famous and sensual dances in the world. The growth of Buenos Aires and Montevideo, thanks in part to a large influx of immigrants (many of whom were Italians) and how the cross influence of these cultures created this unique dance.

Tango as poetry

Poetry and Tango

Tango in words – the heart rending lyrics of tango are recited by a professional actress; the lyrics have been carefully selected and translated; the reading is accompanied by a traditional solo instrument and the captivating movements of a couple dancing.
This is the complete the tango experience – a holistic vision created by words, music and movement.

Tango and beyond

Show Tango in Musica

The format for the show is new and special – our humanity explored through the rich passion of tango music, and much more.

In production.

“Tango is and always will be music, learning to walk it, to listen to it, to feel it, until it turns into something of one’s own, from which one can no longer detach oneself”

(Tete Rusconi)

“Even today tango still conserves something prohibited that stimulates the desire to discover a little bit more about it; and it is that mysterious something that reminds us of who we were, or, perhaps, who we wanted to be”

(Jorge Louis Borges)


Tango in Musica